Does your business need a health check?


Is your business in top health?

Here's why you should undertake a business health check.

When starting out in business, doing what you do for customers is just the tip of the iceberg. The reality is, there is so much more to running a business that's hidden below the waterline.

You no doubt will have started your business because you have a passion for selling your products or delivering your services. However, there are other important aspects behind the scenes, that if not implemented well from the beginning, may lead to problems down the track. 

Having worked for many businesses in varied industries, I know the core elements that make up a successful business. I have developed a comprehensive Business Health Check Tool that covers the foundation elements for success, including marketing, getting insurance cover and finding an accountant. Some of these elements should be prioritised and some may not be needed from day one.

By working through the Health Check Tool I can help you find the gaps and develop an action plan to make positive progress towards building your new business or improving your current one. At the end of the health check process, we will have a clear picture of the entire 'iceberg.' You'll know what needs to be done, and together we can talk about 'how' you can implement any changes and new processes in the best way for your business. You'll also be aware of and be able to safely navigate around any risks. 

I've found that for many clients, the Health Check Tool leads to some great conversations within their team and awesome opportunities for innovation.

Do you know what you need to make your way safely through the rough business seas? Get in touch if I can help. It need not be a Titanic undertaking!

- Matt, Head Business Coach.

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