Tailored coaching and solutions for Canterbury businesses big and small



Start-up support

Does your new business idea have merit? Have you identified potential risks and opportunities? Have you worked through the numbers?

We can support you to develop a business strategy and make plans to succeed. Our team can also help you get your legal requirements in place. You'll benefit from our expert knowledge and gain access to a network of proven local resources.


project & change management

Do you want to make changes to your business but don't have the time or experience? Do you need someone to focus on a new project while you continue to build your business?

Our team can help you make changes and deliver projects, while leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best. We can also connect you with other local resources to support your new initiatives.


business analysis & reporting

How is your business performing? Are you on track to meet your goals? Do you need to change your way of thinking to remain successful?

We can provide independent analysis of your current business situation and support you to implement solutions that will get you moving in the right direction for success.


Accounts, Tax & bookkeeping

Do you really enjoy doing your accounts? Too busy to get your invoices raised? Do you need help with your year-end accounts, payroll/PAYE and GST? Do you need help using Xero or MYOB accounting software? 

An experienced accountant & bookkeeper will save you time, stress and money. Ask us for a free financial consultation and discover just how much of an impact a bookkeeper can have on your business.


business coaching

Are you too busy doing the day-to-day to think about tomorrow? Do you lack the time, knowledge, or experience to drive your business forward? Do you need a sounding-board to bounce ideas around?

Our business coaching services will help you create momentum by keeping you focused on the way ahead, as well as addressing any challenges. 


process improvement

Can you make improvements in running your business? Are you wasting precious time and money with poor processes? Are you making the best use of available technology? Do you need to document your business procedures and policies? Compliant with all your legal obligations?

Our team can help you become more efficient and create documentation to keep you safe.